The Pfotenhauer Defense

I caught Nancy Pfotenhauer, one of McCain’s senior policy advisers on CNN this past Sunday on Late Edition. I don’t think anyone has better used the “I know you are but what am I” defense in recent memory. Here she is in a quite heated debate with Chris Matthews, and for every point, she pretty much responds, “so are the Democrats.” Pitiful.

What’s more, she doesn’t seem to understand that it’s rude to talk over others. And someone might want to tell her to stop grinning like someone’s taking her high school portrait every time someone on the left makes a good point that might hurt her candidate. Notice at the end of this debate, when she gets rattled, she just echoes Robert Gibbs’ words, and then gives him the “if looks could kill” grin.

Pfotenhauer’s own economic status must not be too stellar either, as it seems she wears the same outfit to all these talk shows. OK, that’s petty I know, but I just couldn’t resist. These two clips are about a week apart.

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