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This blog originally started out titled, “Hannity Sucks,” and I owned that domain once upon a time (don’t go there now, it has malware). Initially, Hannity Sucks was going to be a point-by-point analysis of about an hour of each Sean Hannity show, which I often listened to at lunch and found to be almost entirely factually inaccurate. I wanted to state each point that Sean was trying to make, and state where his assumptions were wrong, or point out why certain arguments he continued to make (Clinton was offered Bin Laden’s head on a platter, or Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster killed, for instance) had long since been disproved.

But then Media Matters was launched and started doing that very well, and so I figured that if I wanted to have an “online discussion” with myself here, I should probably tone down the rhetoric somewhat and really try to piece together my arguments solidly, with as many legitimate sources as I could find. So I renamed the site Blue State Journal (and later, Blue State Update) and started slowly making my case. UPDATE: As of 2016, I re-purchased Blue State Journal, and will continue under that name.

I think since most of the time I’m really just commenting on other articles or events, something every other political blogger does, my hope is that people see I’m trying to be fair, and that they’ll find this is a good site to go to when they don’t have time to investigate for themselves every little story that’s out there. I usually provide lots of links to articles people might not otherwise find on their own to back up my statements, and try to make them from major, legitimate sites. Where I can, I’ll even use established conservative sources to make my points.

I hope you enjoy your visit, and thanks for checking in!

– Aaron

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