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Mitch’s #1 Goal: Make Obama a 1-Termer

Not 48 hours after the Republicans won the House, Mitch McConnell says his #1 goal is to get Obama out of office.

Not cooperate, not get things done… Remove the president.

This congress is going to have a lot of trouble governing.

Now that they control the purse strings in the House, we’ll see what real decisions they make about cutting the deficit and reducing the debt. They will soon have to vote to expand the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. What will they do?

They want to cut taxes for everyone, which will cost between $3-4 trillion. How will they pay for it? All they say is “we will cut discretionary spending.”

So what is classified as discretionary spending? Click here to see what falls under discretionary spending.

Since they won’t cut defense spending (which is HALF of discretionary spending), that leaves $553 billion a year, based on 2010 numbers. So what will they cut? The options are Health and Human Services ($84 billion), Transportation ($76 billion), Education ($46.8 billion), Housing and Urban Development ($43.6 billion) and Agriculture ($25 billion).

What programs will they cut? I mean, when they’re not trying to just get the President out of office.

It’s easy to talk about cutting spending. Let’s see how they actually implement this.

Can We Discuss Healthcare Like This?

This is one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of a host and a guest actually discussing an issue and not getting defensive, not getting angry, not shouting over each other, but getting both sides across. I even think Rachel goes a little too far in almost accusing Ridge of lying at one point, but he makes some good points at the end of it — notably, if the Iraq people end up somehow BETTER for our having been there, what then? You can always say sure, that was not something that 4000 American should have been asked to die for, even though perhaps some would have gone if asked STRAIGHT UP if they wanted to help “spread freedom” (a discussion we never had)… Still, this is the type of discussion we should be having over healthcare. Reasoned, rational, put everything on the table.

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Wait for it…!

I just knew this was going to happen. As soon as Ted Kennedy died, some right-wing nutjob was going to start the Wellstone comparisons. No matter WHAT the tone of Kennedy’s memorial, someone would start telling the story of how the Democrats were exploiting Kennedy to pass a healthcare bill.

Sure enough, the most nutty right-winger of them all, Glenn Beck, was first to the mic:

Here’s some more on the topic.

Al Franken was present at the Wellstone memorial, and one of this books, Lies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them): A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, clearly details exactly what happened there and how it was nothing like what the right-wing made it out to be. You can read that chapter here on Google Books.

Isn’t it Curious?

I find it interesting that the states with the most uninsured citizens are the same states that have high percentages of people who believe the lies fed to them about the healthcare bills under consideration. Yes, what a surprise that these states also happen to be heartland America, the places that FOX News has the highest viewership. A full FORTY-FIVE PERCENT of “Southerners” in this poll believe that Obama’s plan is an ENTIRE TAKEOVER of the healthcare system by the government. Wow. No wonder they’re angry.

I can understand if they’re misinformed, but others just seem happy to toe the GOP line, even though it seems like they’re fully aware how ridiculous their claims are. I mean, Obama really is a Nazi, right? Check out how Barney Frank, god bless him, dresses down one of the more outrageous demonstrators at a town hall meeting: