Distraction, Distraction, and More Distraction

When was the last time your three-day rate at a hotel room was $707 a night? For Governor Sarah Palin and her daughter, Bristol, that would be October 2007, when the two attended Newsweek’s annual Women and Leadership Conference in New York City, as cited by the Washington Post.

I just did a search at Travelocity and it seems the going rate for hotels in NYC is anywhere from $280 a night to $600 a night.

So much for fiscal responsibility. When the taxpayers are footing the bill for your hotel room, why not charge it up?

The main story over at the Post though, is the amount of money the Governor has charged the state for travel expenses relating to her family, and other expenses she claimed while at spending time at home.

My guess is this is all within normal limits, and it certainly seems like Palin is spending far less than her predecessor on these sorts of things, actually saving the Alaska taxpayers money since she was elected. The press should be careful that this isn’t perceived as nitpicking. It’s a story, but I imagine it won’t carry much weight with voters.

More interesting is this revelation in Time magazine that “Alaska ranks No. 1 in taxes per resident, and No. 1 in spending per resident. Its tax burden per resident is 2 1/2 times the national average; its spending, more than double.”

My parents recently visited Alaska, and they said everything there is priced higher, so this is not surprising actually.

Two more stories that aren’t really stories at the end of the day. So why am I calling your attention to them?

The truth is I’ve become an addict. I’m addicted to distraction. I call it “Palin Syndrome.” I can’t focus on the issues anymore, I need to keep reading any story I can find about Sarah Palin. I know there’s some good dirt there somewhere, and if we can only get it into sunlight, Obama will suddenly be at 60% to McCain’s 30%. The other 10% being wishy-washy “undecided” types who are waiting for yet another FOX commentator to really convince them this time that Obama’s a Muslim, or that he’s not a real patriot because he doesn’t wear a flag pin or something like that.

I’ll be right back with another post. I’m sure I’ll find something soon to comment on…

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