McCain… Liberal Democrat?

I just don’t understand the big hard-on the right-wing radio hatemongers have for Mitt Romney. I was “forced” to listen to 770 WABC tonight on the way home, since the rental car I was in didn’t pick up Air America out on the Island. Mark Levin was doing his usual schtick, and that included extolling the virtues of Mitt, and name-calling “Mike Hucka-phony.” How clever, Mark… You’re just so clever with your cool little nicknames you come up with for the candidates you don’t like.

“Independent Republican means Liberal Democrat,” he said, talking about John McCain. “He’s going to be swinging right over to their side if he becomes the nominee.” Um, yeah… OK. My guess is if he’s the nominee, the GOP is going to exert so much influence on him that he’ll cave just like he did when George Dubya asked him to speak at the 2004 convention. And this, after Bush’s minions push-polled voters in South Carolina back in 2000 and asked them, “if you knew John McCain fathered an illegitimate black child, would you be more likely to vote for him? Or less likely?”

That’s the only reason I’d be very scared of a McCain presidency. With a couple more Supreme Court nominees coming up, things could go very badly for progressive causes for decades if a Republican wins the presidency again.

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