McCain…Liberal Democrat?: A Response

I dont think there is a big hard on for Romney (at least not yet). His current position is almost entirely the result of absolute carpet bomb advertising. He’s outspent his nearest rival by a crazy multiple. Like 6x or something. Unless you’re hopelessly unelectable, that much advertising has an effect (remember, the average voter is an idiot and a lemming). His record in MA actually wasn’t bad. That was back when he was pro-choice and in favor of universal health care. But the good Lord talked him out of such soft-headed, liberal positions. He’s seen the light and abandoned them. That makes him: yes, a hypocrit. Who the fuck would vote for a guy who so blatantly flip flops on an issue of such moral importance as choice simply in order to get elected? Other whores, I guess.

I’m not sure the right wing pundits hate Huckabee and McCain, I just think they have (very real) concerns about their willingness to toe the party line. I’m most worried about a McCain nomination because the guy is very centrist. He frequently disagrees with both the social and fiscal conservative wings of his party. And if he got the nomination, he would absolutely run to the center. That’s the old Nixon strategy: in the primaries, run to the right; in the general, run to the center. Tried and true. Because it’s only the wing nuts that vote in the primary, while in the general you need to secure some independent votes and Reagan Democrat/blue collar votes to win. They like Huckabee even less but not because of his appeal to evangelicals. What they can’t stand is that he (i) will raise taxes when necessary, and (ii) is happy to gore the sacred cows of big business Republicans. He famously referred to the influential Club for Growth (an anti-tax PAC) as the Club for Greed (he spoke with NPR about it here). While evangelicals may be the unwitting dupes in electing Republican presidents, it’s the rich that finance those campaigns. And the rich don’t like taxes. Like they can’t spare an additional 2% of their income to, oh, help starving people buy FOOD. How much fucking money is enough? Whatever. Fuck all three of them. Take your pick of Republicans in this exciting race between Larry, Curley, and Moe.

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