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Who knows how long they’ll offer this, but you can now get a one-year paid subscription to, perhaps the most informative progressive online ‘zine. Just click here and try out one of the partner offers (you can always cancel before you owe anything). I tried Rhapsody, which is free for 14 days. Within a couple days you’ll get a notice to go to Salon and create a username and password for your account. Your one-year membership also entitles you to a free one-year subscription to Wired, and other bonus deals. Very cool.

I had written to Salon telling them I wasn’t going to renew unless they got rid of the god-awful columnist Camille Paglia, so I’ve been using the “daily pass” for a while now. I’m all for having an alternative voice, but all she does most of the time is just regurgitate the right-wing talking points. And she claims she’s a Democrat! Um, right… If they ditch her in favor of a more insightful conservative columnist, I’ll pay for my subscription. Until then, I’ll thank TrialPay for renewing for me!

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