Just was looking at some stats for 2007 and wanted to thank you all so much for stopping by. This year, this here blog received just over 5000 unique visitors, served just over 100,000 hits over approximately 25,000 visits overall. Visitors have come from places all over the globe, including the Seychelles, Tuvalu, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Norway, Hong Kong, South Korea and Austria. Most non-US visitors come from undetermined EU countries, followed by Brazil, Canada, Germany and China, respectively. Six percent of you spent more than 30 minutes here per visit, and two percent of you spent more than an hour here per visit. Most of you are using Windows, but seven percent of you are using Linux, while four percent are using a Mac OS. A healthy 50% of you are using something OTHER than Internet Explorer (40% are using Firefox or a Netscape-branched browser).

Rest assured, I am not tracking any one of you, just overall stats like every website does. Just thought you might like to see what your fellow readers are like.

So again, my humble thanks for reading. I’m going to try to post here a little more often. Have a great holiday season!

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