Isn’t it Curious?

I find it interesting that the states with the most uninsured citizens are the same states that have high percentages of people who believe the lies fed to them about the healthcare bills under consideration. Yes, what a surprise that these states also happen to be heartland America, the places that FOX News has the highest viewership. A full FORTY-FIVE PERCENT of “Southerners” in this poll believe that Obama’s plan is an ENTIRE TAKEOVER of the healthcare system by the government. Wow. No wonder they’re angry.

I can understand if they’re misinformed, but others just seem happy to toe the GOP line, even though it seems like they’re fully aware how ridiculous their claims are. I mean, Obama really is a Nazi, right? Check out how Barney Frank, god bless him, dresses down one of the more outrageous demonstrators at a town hall meeting:

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