FDR’s New Deal Failed, right?

If you’ve listened to any of the Sunday morning shows or right-wing radio over the last few weeks, you’ve probably learned from the neo-conservative pundits that FDR’s New Deal was actually a failure and that it was only World War II that brought us out of the Great Depression.

This is a total, outright, bald-faced lie.

Check out this article from ourfuture.org which lays out the official statistics from the Commerce Department and the Federal Reserve to support the truth — FDR’s New Deal almost immediately had an impact in turning the economy around. In fact, the only point at which it seemed his plans might fail was when he actually “took his foot off the gas” in 1937, when he dramatically slashed New Deal programs in order to balance the budget.

By the time Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, US GDP had more than doubled when compared to the time just before the economy started to slide into the Great Depression. US Industrial Production was at record levels when December 7th 1941 changed everything.

Don’t let them lie to you. They will try to rewrite history against all known statistics and facts, and 20-30% of you will probably believe them when they do it.

Just remember — if they can lie so boldly in the face of certain fact, what else are they lying to you about?

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