Rush Limbaugh — Socialist Advocate?

This is just precious. Rush Limbaugh is apparently jealous that China is subsidizing gasoline for its citizens so that they don’t feel the pain at the pump along with a subsequent desire to buy a smart car or Yaris or something very very small. Says Rush:

What are the ChiComs doing — while we move ourselves back to the Stone Age — well, at least in that direction. China’s most popular car is an SUV. SUV sales in China are exploding. “Nodding his head to the disco music blaring out of his car’s nine speakers, Zhang Linsen swings the shiny, black Hummer H2 out of his company’s gates and on to the spacious four-lane road. ‘In China, size matters,’ says Zhang, the 44-year-old founder of a media and graphic design company. ‘People want to have a car that shows off their status in society. No one wants to buy small.’

See, the ChiComs need their economy growing. They need people driving around, moving around. They need people to be able to afford fuel, so they’re subsidizing fuel. They’re not bailing people out of stupid home mortgage messes. They’re buying their gasoline for them, because they need an economy. Know what energy means to this, the whole subject of economic growth. So meanwhile, the ChiComs, a country certainly growing, certainly on the rise, but it ain’t the United States of America. How does it make you feel that Zhang Linsen has a big Hummer with nine speakers blaring as he pulls out into a four-lane road with so much smog he basically can’t see the car in front of him, and you are trading in all of your cars and trying to go out and find basically a lawn mower.

So let me get this straight. The government should be buying gasoline for its citizens so that we can drive big gasoline-suckers and so that we don’t go back to the “Stone Age?” And how is that not the socialism that Rush rails against on his show every day?

This just goes to show that with guys like Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, Medved, and all the other right-wing radio hatemongers that it’s not about philosophy, it’s not about conservatism. It’s all about what they want. If it’s what they believe, and it doesn’t really fit in with their so-called “conservative” philosophy, they’ll spin it twenty ways to Sunday so that it looks like conservatism to those who are intellectually challenged and actually believe the garbage these fools shovel across the airwaves every day.

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