Chris Matthews — Insane?

You just have to wonder sometimes. I’ve wondered for a long time about Chris Matthews. His penchant for analyzing politicians based on how they’re dressed or their tone of voice (rather than their policies) is renowned. However, recently he’s begun to exhibit very strange behavior on air. Perhaps he is suffering from some kind of dementia? I’m talking about incidents like this one last fall where he beckoned a female CNBC anchor to “come closer” to the camera so he could get a good look at her. Then there was the time when e-mails started to circulate about Obama’s supposed connection to Islam, and Matthews couldn’t seem to get the story straight as he perpetuated that idea that we just didn’t know Obama’s religion (he’s Christian).

Most recently, there’s the dirty dancing bit where he gets much too touchy-feely with Ellen while a guest on her show. Actually, his mysoginy is well documented.

But then there’s this. Chris Matthews going off on the Clintons, once again: “We’re stuck in Iraq; 4,000 people are dead now because of decisions made by politicians like the Clintons.” Ah. I see. It’s all becoming so clear to me now. It’s the CLINTONS that got us involved in Iraq. Wow. How was I so deluded for the past five years? And all this time I thought it was George W. Bush who kicked the inspectors out of Iraq so he could start ‘shock-ing’ and ‘awe-ing?’

Now, I’ve heard the right-wing talking heads blame the Clintons for just about everything, but this comment from Matthews just totally takes the cake. Takes the cake, the candles, the tablecloth, chairs, etc.

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