Another Great Blog

Found another great blog today that just about says it all. From the mind of August J. Pollak:

The Secretary of Homeland Security, as well as numerous pundits, refuse to accept the idea that there are people too poor to evacuate their homes. People are discussing that New Orleans “would be too hard to rebuild,” as if a few hundred thousand people will have their homes transplanted by magic. More than a dozen threads on Free Republic right now are about how the military should start shooting looters on sight.

Where 9/11 cast a light on the basic compassion of America in the light of a tragedy, Katrina has apparently cast a light on its hatred. In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have thought right-wingers would start attacking impoverished citizens, let alone start demanding their deaths.

What I do know is that in less than 24 hours, a media punditry that spent the last four years insisting that they’re the only people who “love America” is now discussing how much they hate other Americans.

Wow. Ain’t it the truth.

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