Hannity’s Brand New Bag

Sean Hannity is trying something new on his program. It’s called the “Liberals-Only Hour,” where he offers to “help” liberals by allowing them to call in and vent in the hopes that they will feel better afterward. He allows them a “30-second vent” rule where he won’t interrupt them for a full thirty seconds and will let them say whatever they wish.

What Sean has discovered is a new way to collect ammunition against liberals who are angry at being subject to a lying, oppressive, shadow government. One caller, upset at the obvious hypocrisy of the Republicans garnering so many votes on the “moral values” platform asked why is it that he is constantly attacked for being an “America-hating leftist” when Rush Limbaugh is on drugs, Newt Gingrich had an affair with an intern while his wife was in the hospital with cancer, and Bill O’Reilly was involved in his own sex scandal. Instead of answering the question, Hannity asked him if he liked Michael Moore. The caller tried once again to get an answer out of Sean, but was redirected back onto the Moore question. The rest of the call was about Moore, but the caller’s last words were, “when will the hypocrisy stop?”

Of course, Sean ignored him.

As he went to commercial, I had heard just about all I could stand, but wasn’t able to hit the “stop” button on my RealPlayer before Sean capped up the hour by stating, “here’s what we’ve heard from these liberals when they’re given a chance to talk — lynne cheney would eat her own young, Bush knew about the bombings, Bush would support terrorists if he knew it would get him more money, and I’m a terrorist…” Folks, STOP calling into these shows. You cannot win. Sean has a long record of bullying the conversation, and you’ll never get your point across without it being twisted into something hideous. It’s tempting to think you can get the truth out if given thirty seconds, but Sean will make sure you look like a fool. It’s just not worth it.