Congestion Pricing Works!

That’s right folks, it seems that Congestion Pricing is already working for NYC! It’s not that we have the Democrats to thank for it though, the NY State Assembly didn’t even see the issue come to the floor. That’s old news though, you’d think a representative government body would at least show their constituents how they stood on such a (pointlessly) divisive issue.

The point is, higher fuel prices have indeed driven people into taking mass transit. So, because it would have hit their wallets, Congestion Pricing would reduce the number of people driving into NYC, with the wonderful added benefit of reducing air pollution. Sure, the Congestion Pricing plan had its faults, but the problems with it could have been worked out. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even given a chance.

The sad thing for NYC is that the Democrats cost the people they represent a decent cash infusion from the Feds. Mass transit in the NYC metro area is left to fend for itself with significant ridership increases. Old news about the Democrats, I know. Worth repeating so that when they come up for re-election or when they ask for your money in support.

Obviously, this isn’t the only news story out there talking about people turning to mass transit. Search online, you’ll find plenty of news stories.

I’d like to take it one step further though. What gives America?

My question. If you can take mass transit or get to work without having to drive, why are you driving in the first place?

By the way… I lost 15 pounds! Ask me how! (that’s old news too, but apt in this case.)

One thought on “Congestion Pricing Works!”

  1. What, you mean NYC could’ve had all those tax dollars just for doing what’s happening anyway? Stupid Democrats. I just can’t believe how they didn’t even let this get to the floor. Figures as soon as Spitzer is out, it’s business as usual in Albany.

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