The Global Warming “Hoax”

I have a question for anyone who says that global warming is a hoax because the earth “may be warming, but is just in a warming cycle and we have nothing to do with it.” You know, the people who say that it’s totally presumptuous and egotistical for humans to think that they could do anything that could affect the global climate.

Would these people also attempt to reason that the hole in the ozone layer was NOT caused by deodorants and air conditioning? If not, why spend all that time and money switching to environmentally-safe refrigerants and aerosols?

Surely WE didn’t cause the problem. How could a few cans and air conditioners cause a GLOBAL problem?

I guess the government’s own information here is wrong, because all these supposed scientists (paid off by the neo-cons?) believe that humans couldn’t possibly cause any GLOBAL changes, right?

And of course, this CHART shows no correlation between when we switched to environmentally-safe formulas and a stabilization of the ozone levels (more info here)…

According to this report from a member of the British Antarctic Survey:

An international treaty, the Montreal Protocol, has been drawn up to control the release of ozone depleting chemicals into the atmosphere. This treaty is clearly working, and the amount of these chemicals in air near the surface is beginning to decline. The chemicals are however so stable that it will take a long time before they drop to the levels that existed 50 years ago and it is likely that we will see an annual ozone hole over Antarctica for many decades to come.

So given all the reports, and looking at that chart linked to above, it’s easy to see that humans can’t have *any* effect on something like how much UV can get through the atmosphere.

To think something like that would be presumptuous…

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