Rush Still Afraid of Debate

One of the greatest radio moments of the past few years was when a liberal caller (a real liberal caller, not one of those fake ones that right-wing hatemongers put on their shows every day) got on the Rush Limbaugh show and asked Rush about how he managed to dodge the draft. Rush gets very flustered when confronted on this issue. See, he dodged the draft because of an “ingrown hair on his backside“, and he’s quite self-conscious about it, particularly since he gave Bill Clinton such a hard time about draft dodging.

And now, after claiming that it would be “a shame if Katie Couric were hit by a bus,” he is going to appear on her new show. Why? Because he was given ninety seconds to say whatever he wanted. According to Media Matters, Rush said that he had certain conditions for being on Katie’s show, and one of them was that Rush could say whatever he wanted, “without debate, without somebody coming on afterwards to refute it.”

This is how scared the conservatives are. They are scared to death of being challenged on anything. This is how America got to the point it finds itself after six years of the Bush administration. After six years of a sitting president surrounding himself with “yes men.” After six years of a sitting president not wanting to hear any bad news.

Rush is so scared of confrontation and being called on his lies that the only way he’d appear on Katie’s show is if he doesn’t have anyone there to challenge him. Nice little spot Rush has worked himself up to over the last 18 years right?


3 thoughts on “Rush Still Afraid of Debate”

  1. How do “conservatives” still listen to this guy? The blatant hypocricy of him is amazing. From saying “all drug dealers should be executed”. To later find the exception would be his drug dealer. And then the draft dodging. What the @#$%^!!!!!!!

  2. I have tremendous animosity toward anyone who spreads so many hateful lies and disseminates so much misinformation purposefully meant to deceive.

    But the question remains… Why is he so afraid of debate? If he truly believes what he spouts, why would he be afraid to put it to the test against other opinions? Answer: He’s a liar, and his statements hold no sway against the hard reality of truth.

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