Rush On Drugs Again?

How else would you explain the following outburst?

LIMBAUGH: When does he start up this stupid little network? August? Yip yip yip yahoo. You know what Gore said about this? It’s going to be liberal. It’s going to reflect the point of view of young people. What the hell is that, Al? What the hell is the point of view of young people? Blow jobs, that’s what they’re doing out there. They’re out there getting oral sex all day long, that’s what they’re talking about. That’s the point of view they can’t wait that your boss, Al made sure that’s become the number one sport in high school today. So, I guess you’re going to have a BJ network out there, Al, is that what you’re going to do? You’re going to call your network the oral sex channel out there, start competing with MTV? No, it’s not going to have any of this stuff out there, folks, it’s going to be talking about liberalism, no, no, no, that’s not what we’re about. Classic cannot even admit who he is.”

First of all, I haven’t really been following this whole GoreTV idea, but wasn’t the point going to be that it will be unbiased? Gore was one of the first Senators to call attention to the damage that we’re causing to the environment with his book, “Earth In The Balance,” and since he’s been so strong on that subject, I recall hearing that this is something that’s going to get a lot of attention on his channel. Buy how does concern about the environment relate to oral sex? Not only that, but Rush is outright lying when he said “Al said it was going to be liberal.” In fact, Al has said the following:

We have no intention of creating a Democratic channel, a liberal channel, a TV version of Air America. That’s not what we’re about. We’re about empowering this generation of young people in their 20s to engage in a dialogue of democracy and to tell the stories about what’s going on in their lives using the dominant medium of our time.

So why the hostility, Rush? Why do you have to downplay anything constructive that a liberal person, or any Democrat, wants to do? I hear you talking all day long about how we have nothing to say, nothing to offer, so when someone comes along and gives kids a chance to talk about what is affecting their lives, you start talking about all they want is oral sex all day long? Is that how you’d treat your kids? Where are your family values, Rush? Do twenty-somethings have nothing to say? Is that what you’re saying? I would hope that if they had the audience that you did, they’d find something more constructive to say with their valuable airtime than “What the hell is the point of view of young people? Blow jobs, that’s what they’re doing out there. They’re out there getting oral sex all day long, that’s what they’re talking about.”

You need some serious help, Rush. Please. Get into detox as soon as you can.

23 thoughts on “Rush On Drugs Again?”

  1. There you go again. You Rush-haters are making fun at Rush’s fight against his addiction. How classless? You have no shame just like when John Kerry made fun at Rush’s plight at a Democratic debate or Al Franken when he said that Rush should be in jail.

    Thank God that conservatives like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are defending Rush through his ordeal and his loyal listeners are standing behind him despite the smear job by most liberals and the liberal media.

    Shame on you. I beat you wouldn’t say that same thing if this was the loser Al Franken or the troll Micheal Moore.

  2. The difference is the hypocrisy.Rush has made his career off of his eloquently brutal way of portraying the left as a bunch of drugged out elitists and drug users as criminals who should be sent up the river, so the fact that Rush was trolling around for pills, spending hundreds a day, while spouting this on the air is yes,amusing.If Al Franken was found to be a alcoholic racist wife beater he would indeed be harshly heckled as a hypocritical loser, as Rush is. I am open minded and sensitive to addiction but cant resist the temptation to throw a heckle at the hypocritical monolth of hate.And the fact is Rush is an evil man who will go down in history as a hate spouting witch and his drug addiction will only be a footnote.
    And Hannity, hes just really not very smart.I dont even feel the need to talk about him, because hes so irratating and irrational.Phony as they come.
    Enough already with the liberal media mantra and get a real philosophy thats not so damn weeny.You sound like such crybabys.The media is supposed to dig and be hardnosed to find the truth, not tow the company line.

  3. To paraphrase the great Ann Coulter when she was on Scarborough Country defending Rusn, they’re compassionate people liberals are.

    Rush is a threat against the liberal bias in the media. If he was as great when he was addicted, he’s just as great now that he trying to overcome his addiction.

    You and Al Franken definitely have no heart whatsoever.

  4. Yes, Travis. That’s right. We have no heart. And what do your idols say on the radio every day? Let’s see. The “great” Ann Coulter said we should “bomb their countries and kill their leaders,” Rush said that all kids today want to talk about is “blow jobs,” and Hannity makes drunk jokes about Ted Kennedy (whom he calls Ted “hiccup” Kennedy.”

    Nice. Lots of heart those folks have. They’re some of the most hateful, bitter people on the planet. You want to know why Ann Coulter is so thin? Because all that hatred is eating her up inside. How one person can spew so much venom at so many people she’s never even met boggles my mind.

    And you think WE have no heart? Wake up, Travis.

    Even the ACLU is trying to help Rush. How’s that for heart? An intensely LIBERAL organization trying to help the same guy that has publicly beaten that organization to death on the radio every chance he could…

    How is it possible to go through life in such denial, Travis? I’d like to know…

  5. Geez!!! You liberals take EVERYTHING so seriously and personally. Loosen up once in awhile. That’s why conservatives are dominating talk radio. People like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham talk about current events but makes it entertaining as well. As for Ann Coulter, you hate her because she’s witty, smart, right, and influential.

    Also, despite the smear campaign against Rush, he stills have millions of loyal listeners and still packing events where he speaks. Take THAT!!!!

  6. OK, I get it. When conservatives say something like a football player is given more consideration by the media because he’s a black quarterback, it’s a joke. When conservatives say “we wouldn’t have had all these problems if” a Dixiecrat had been elected president, it’s a joke. When conservatives say we should go into the Middle East and bomb the countries and kill their leaders, it’s a joke.

    Excuse me, but I don’t think it’s funny when people who aren’t otherwise known for their great comedic sense make jokes that are tremendously insensitive toward people and cultures that have already suffered enough throughout history. It’s just not funny, and it’s not right.

    Perhaps if you got off AOL you’d start to see more of the world for how it really is instead of getting your news spoon-fed to you all the time by corporate giants (Time-Warner/AOL)… That is not an ad-hominem attack. I noticed you’re accessing this site from an AOL account.

    As for Ann Coulter, even the conservative media knows she’s a total hack with no credibility whatsoever. Check out this review of her book by Christopher Caldwell (who writes for the EXTREMELY conservative Weekly Standard, which you’re probably already familiar with). Also, you might want to fact check some of her books. She’s either a liar, or an extremely lazy writer. Witty? Ha. She’s not witty. She’s just controversial because somehow she gets away with saying hateful, hurtful, factually-inaccurate things.

  7. I can’t believe that you called Ann Coulter a hack. The liberal media called her a hack while treating Al Franken, a comedian, very seriously.

    By the way, the problem with liberals is that they’re are so political correct, thus no sense of humor.

    I’m glad that there are great personalities like the great Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham who aren’t afraid of speaking their minds and being politically incorrect.

    By the way, you should listen to their shows, especially Laura Ingraham’s show. You might learn something and be entertained for once. Laura’s show, like Rush’s show, ROCKS!!!

  8. Too politically correct to be funny, eh? Well, if your idea of funny is making racial jokes and ad-hominem attacks, then I’d rather be politically correct than funny any day.

    As for Laura Ingraham, you’ve got to be kidding. She’s supposedly “friends” with Clarence Thomas, and I guess we all know about his ethical standards. Not only that, but isn’t she the radio hack that perpetuates the claim that minorities aren’t really persecuted in this country? You should move to my area and see what really goes on, Travis. Around 1990, there was in influx of Mexicans to my town, most of them legal Mexican-Americans now, and some of them were lured to an abandoned house and beaten almost to death by a bunch of punks. Nice, right? No persecution here.

    I haven’t heard her show in a year or two (ever since Air America came on the air), but she was the one always talking about the “liberal elites.” What about the “Neo-Con elites?” Most of the rich folks that live here on Long Island (like your buddy Sean Hannity) live in such security that you couldn’t get near their house if you tried. I’m sure he rides a limousine to work every day from his house in Whitelandia and has a cleaning crew take care of his lawn. Isn’t that elite?

    And hey… Ingraham probably makes more than I do, right? Talk about hypocrisy. Like she’s not an elitist? Isn’t it elitist merely to spit on all of us liberals like she does? Hypocrite. She’s just another talking head who spouts contradiction and hatred on the radio. No better than Rush and/or Hannity.

  9. What is it with you liberals and your favorite word HYPOCRITE. You guys have used the term so many times that it lost meaning. Let’s move on.

    As for Laura, she hosts a good and entertaining show, and she more entertaining and funny than Al Franken, and better looking than him. Also, the “elitist” refered to anyone who looks down at regular people who lives in the heartland while they lives in New York, Washington, D.C., or liberal Hollywood, regardless of money or living styles. As for as I’m concern, Laura, Sean and Rush don’t look down at these people and give them respect while voicing the conservative point-of-view that the liberal media always ridicule. Besides, why do YOU have a problem with conservatives making money?

    By the way, what is it with you liberals wanting conservative radio talk show hosts in jail? First, liberal Florida Democrats want Rush Limbaugh in jail based on a witch hunt just because he was addicted to prescription painkillers, in which he went to rehab. Now, some Arizona Democrats want Sean in jail just because his leg was in the buffer zone of the fence between Arizona and the Mexican border to show how easily illegal immigrants can get into this country. Talk about constantly whining and selective outrage.

    I guess your new motto is: If we can’t beat conservative talk show hosts on the airwaves, we might as well arrest them and lock them up in jail. What’s next: Charge Laura Ingraham with tax evasion or Ann Coulter with mail fraud?

  10. What is it with you liberals and your favorite word HYPOCRITE. You guys have used the term so many times that it lost meaning. Let?s move on.

    No Travis, let’s NOT move on. There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee that says, “if the shoe fits… um,…. it gathers no moss.” The reason we use the word is because we’re astounded how often it so accurately fits you folk. From

    Hypocrite: one who puts on a mask and feigns himself to be what he is not; a dissembler in religion. Our Lord severely rebuked the scribes and Pharisees for their hypocrisy (Matt. 6:2, 5, 16). “The hypocrite’s hope shall perish” (Job 8:13). The Hebrew word here rendered “hypocrite” rather means the “godless” or “profane,” as it is rendered in Jer. 23:11, i.e., polluted with crimes.

    I’d like you to look at that last phrase in particular — polluted with crimes — because it fits just about everyone in the Bush regime.

    It’s also very very funny that you mention the two cities New York and Washington DC when you talk about Laura Ingraham. Why? Check out this post from a freeper:

    “LAURA Ingraham’s long search for love is finally over. The blond conservative pundit is getting married in late May or early June to Washington businessman James V. Reyes. The two met on a blind date last Memorial Day weekend. Reyes “runs the Washington operation of a privately held family business,” a friend said, adding that the couple will live in Washington and also have an apartment in New York.”

    So let me get this straight… Laura Ingraham, big-money lawyer who hosts a nationally syndicated radio show marries big Washington businessman. They live in New York and Washington. Um, should I bring up the term HYPOCRITE again? Yeesh, Travis, you guys have no shame whatsoever.

  11. The item you mentioned isn’t hypocritical.

    Also, all I have to say is to wish Laura best wishes on her upcoming marriage.

  12. You are so brainwashed Travis,the thing is,we dont care how you worship, or how people do their drugs and thats what offends you.Get off your high horse and realize there is no liberal elite. Its a lie youve bought into.

  13. Don’t make me laugh. There is a liberal elite and a liberal media. How else do you explain all of the bush-bashing from liberal Hollywood with Fahrenheit 9/11 and others? Also, most of the liberal elite are jumping for joy about Rush’s addiction to prescription painkillers and the on-going witch hunt. You can bet that there would be a TV movie that would bash Rush just as there was a TV movie that mocked Ronald Reagan. Also, the liberal elites loved to bash conservative talk radio and its listeners are hateful and stupid.

    But, of course, there’s no liberal elite.

  14. Travis, it’s high time you woke up and realized that the mainstream media is in the pocket of big business, which strongly sides with the Bush regime. Were it left to the media, F9/11 would never have even come out in the theaters since Disney tried to stop it. Michael Moore has had to fight to get every book out he’s ever published. Meanwhile, hacks like Ann Coulter can publish lying filth like “Slander” without her so-called publisher even fact checking it.

    The notion that you think the so-called “liberal elite” are “jumping for you” over Rush’s addiction is pure nonsense. We just find the hypocrisy ironic, that’s all. The fact that he got on his show and blasted drug abuse, then turns out he’s a drug abuser himself, well, it’s just classic. No one is “jumping for joy” though.

    We’ve had this “if the media is liberal” conversation before. If the media was truly liberal, it never would’ve allowed itself to be a megaphone for the Bush stance on Iraq and the supposed WMD’s. There was clearly no real proof that they ever existed, and if the press had been doing its job instead of serving as an echo chamber for the Neo-Cons, we wouldn’t be in Iraq right now, and some 100K Iraqi civilians and 50K American soldiers would be home tonight enjoying dinner with their families instead of being dead or in a hospital missing limbs.

  15. Well put.Anything that questions our conservatives leaders is liberal elitism anything questioning a DEM is moral payback.Delusional.

  16. I don’t know what you have against Rush Limbaugh, but I felt sorry for him when he reveled that he’s addicted to painkillers as well as admired him for going to rehab to fight his addiction. Meanwhile, with the exception of the ACLU and a few liberals, liberals had taken a couple of cheap shots against Rush. For example, Al Franken said that Rush should be in jail, and John Kerry made fun at him during a debate in the Democratic primary in addition to Howard Dean recently made fun at him at a recent speech, based what I heard on the Laura Ingraham Show.

    It’s a good thing that there are people like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin who are defending Rush during this witch hunt on him as well as millions of his loyal listeners.

  17. John Kerry made fun at him during a debate in the Democratic primary in addition to Howard Dean recently made fun at him at a recent speech, based what I heard on the Laura Ingraham Show.

    Travis, please provide solid quotes for these. I would really like to know exactly what John Kerry and Howard Dean said, word for word. You can even take their speeches out of context if you like. I’d just like to know what they actually said. Please let me know. Thanks.

  18. From the transcripts of Scarborough Country:

    John Kerry: There are two ways for you to have lower prescription drug costs. One is, you could hire Rush Limbaugh’s housekeeper or you could elect me President of the United States.

    Also, Eric Alterman said that he wish Rush could go deaf. As for Dean, I don’t have what he said, but on the Laura Ingraham Show, she said that Dean, during a speech, mocked Rush by during a “drug-crazed” Rush Limbaugh impersonation.

    Talk about being classless.

  19. Here’s what John Kerry said during a Democratic Party debate in Arizona from the transcripts on Scarborough Country on October 10, 2003:

    John Kerry: “There are two ways for you to have lower prescription drug costs. One is, you could hire Rush Limbaugh’s housekeeper,” the crowd laughed, “or you could elect me President of the United States.”

    As for Howard Dean, I don’t have exactly what he said, but I heard on the Laura Ingraham Show that he made a speech while doing a “drugged-out” Rush Limbaugh impersonation.

    Also, liberal writer Eric Alterman once said that he wished that Rush would go deaf as well as the lovable Al Franken wishing that Rush should be in jail.

    Talk about being classless. This is the modern face of liberalism. Talk about liberal “compassion.”

  20. On the Kerry comment, I’ll simply respond with a slightly altered quote from your own post above: “Geez!!! You [conservatives] take EVERYTHING so seriously and personally. Loosen up once in awhile.”
    And as far as the Dean comment, if you can’t find what he said, I’ll say what Condoleezza Rice said, “please don’t impugn his integrity” until you can find actual quotes, OK?

    Al didn’t say he wished Rush was in jail, he said “Rush SHOULD be in jail.” If I had been caught with thousands of illegal drugs in my house, you can be sure the DA’s office wouldn’t be letting me walk free.

    And if you want to talk about classless and a lack of compassion, just browse through and see what your wonderful, compassionate conservatives say on a daily basis.

    Rush just the other day said: “The Democrats are actually celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Abu Ghraib scandal! Sad, my foot! These guys are happy as hell to be celebrating this today. But I think that we should encourage them. ”

    This is just sickening. Rush should be ashamed of himself. Sick.

  21. Geez, have a sense of humor. That was pretty funny as well as some of his callers’ suggestions.

    Anyway, the Florida Supreme Court made a lousy ruling of not hearing Rush’s appeal. I hope you’re happy. Now, Rush’s medical records are now in the hands of a overzealous D.A. and the liberal media who hates his guts. Too bad that Rush isn’t an accused terrorist. That way he could have some medical privacy rights.

  22. Shut up you stupid liberals. you liberals are so stubbern that you can’t even listen to the truth. Well listen up for once you loud annoying high liberal. I think liberals are on drugs. so shut up. No one want to listen to your loud lying mouth.

  23. Wow! What an extremely well-thought-out point of view! Amazing, considering it came from an obvious Neo-Con with no mind of his own.

    Two things:

    1) Get a dictionary.
    2) Go back to grade school… You know, the place where you are supposed to learn how to string coherent thoughts together to form a sentence?
    3) If English is not your first language, then I apologize.

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