GOP Hypocrisy

Looks like Bristol Palin will be raising her baby, Tripp, as a single parent. According to Star magazine (OK, yeah, I know it’s only a tabloid), Palin and her boyfriend Levi are no longer an item and the wedding is most likely off.

Now, I don’t have any problem with that (and in fact it’s probably not such a bad thing after Levi proclaimed on his MySpace page that he’s a “f–king redneck” who “don’t want kids”), but I wonder if the 13% of respondents at CPAC who voted for Bristol’s mom to be the leader of the party going into 2012 will have a problem with it? My guess is they won’t. We’ll hear stuff like, “leave her kids’ personal life out of it,” even though quite famously, the new GOP leader, Rush Limbaugh, once made it very clear that kids of political figures are not off limits.

Gotta love the hypocrisy.

Well, perhaps I should give these Palin supporters the benefit of the doubt. I mean, the GOP leadership seems a little confused these days. Does Limbaugh *really* lead the party? Or does GOP Chairman Michael Steele? Or perhaps Gingrich? And then there’s all the confusion about the party platform. When Steele says that “abortion is an individual choice,” is he speaking for himself or for the party? It must be really tough to be a good Republican these days, especially when you’re getting different talking points from all these different leaders.

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