Frivolous Lawsuits

Are not frivolous lawsuits one of the big complaints of the rabid right? You know, I burnt myself on my stove so I’m suing the manufacturer sort of thing?

Odd then to hear Newt Gingrich talking about how Saturday Night Live could be sued for slander over some of the Sarah Palin skits, despite the fact that Sarah Palin herself appeared on the show and seemed to have a good time, and despite the fact that satire and parody are protected forms of speech.

Now, that doesn’t stop the likes of Bill O’Reilly and FOX News from tying up the courts’ time with lawsuits they know they can’t win, but I’d think someone who was a college history professor would know better. But I guess he probably taught at one of those “conservative” colleges like Bob Jones University, which is probably in that “real America” that Sarah Palin keeps talking about. I heard they have different laws there than the “fake, America-hating” states and regions of the country.

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