Catapult the Propaganda

From Senator John McCain’s speech last night:

Now, you’ll hear from my opponent’s campaign in every speech in every interview every press release that I’m running for Pres bush’s 3rd term. You’ll hear every policy of the president is described as the Bush/McCain policy. Why does senator Obama believe it’s so important to repeat that idea over & over again? Because he knows it’s very difficult to get Americans to believe something that they know is false.So he tries to drum it into your minds by constantly repeating it…

Or as George W. Bush would say,

In my line of work you gotta keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kinda catapult the propaganda.

And speaking of McCain’s speech, what a train wreck. Not only was it full of lies, but it seemed like something was wrong with his vision (or perhaps just with his speech), because he was having a hard time pronouncing words and reading sentences off the teleprompter. And listen to this little laugh at the end of this clip. I almost think it’s worse than Bush’s infamous snicker.

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