“The Fence” = Retarded

The NYT today reported that the (offensively named) Homeland Security Dept is “standing by” its big ol’ southern border fence. I think my headline says it all. The fence is retarded. The policy supporting it bone-headed and racist. Despite economic turmoil, employment remains stubbornly at 5%. Historically, that’s been considered a potentially dangerously inflationary low. We do not have enough people to fill the jobs we have in this country. And as the large boomer population begins to retire, this problem will grow worse. Too many illegals?? Please. We don’t have nearly enough. And the higher we build this friggin’ wall, the more likely that we’ll need to beg Mexicans or anyone else to emigrate to this country over the coming decades. If it were hordes of blonde-headed Swedes looking to cross our borders, none of the white folks making the most noise about “illegals” would care. They’d be delighted. But as soon as you start adding a little carmel coloring to the complexions, well, that’s another story altogether. Can’t let those mud colored people into the country. Lord forbid. Retarded. We are a nation of retards.

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