Once a Liebermann…

I haven’t been keeping up with the antics of one Joseph Liebermann since the election. If you haven’t either, here’s a great piece at Salon.com about the crazy Indie Dem’s latest moves. What a guy. If there was ever any doubt that Liebermann is still out for Liebermann (instead of, say, representing the people who elected him), this piece should set the story straight. Even George W. Bush seems to be rethinking the way he speaks about the occupation in Iraq. Why isn’t Liebermann?

Elsewhere, who would have expected the Senate’s Republicans to push for even stricter ethics reform rules than those proposed by the Democrats? Well, hell hath frozen over, my friend. There’s a new wind of transparency coming. By a 98-0 margin, the Senate voted to mandate that all earmarks be put on the internet for 48 hours before they are inserted into any legislation. Rock on. As for the House, representatives there voted to ban all gifts from lobbyists, as well as travel paid for by lobbyists or taxpayers or campaign funds. Some representatives complain the measures don’t go far enough. I guess we’ll see.

According to Salon, Stephen Colbert wasn’t invited to this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner. If you didn’t catch his wrap-up of the event last year, check it out here.

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