Leave it to Microsoft…

Figures… Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 doesn’t render this page correctly. IE6 did, Firefox does. It actually looks better on Opera than on any other browser. Dammit, even Lynx and elinks render it correctly. MSIE7 is messing up other sites for me too, including one that I manage for my employer. No doubt this is something to do with the Microsoft mantra of embrace and extend. Ugh. Well, I’m going to take a page out of Bush’s book… I’m not going to change, Microsoft will have to change. Let the mountain move, because I’m staying right friggin here.

As for current events, I find it disheartening that I (in my last post) and so many others were correct in our assessments that Bush would decide to escalate the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today Bush held a news conference and announced that he wanted to increase the size of the Army and Marines because the Iraq war will require “additional sacrifices” in the coming year. That article from Bloomberg also notes that “Violence in the Middle East nation is at an all-time high, according to a Pentagon report Dec. 18.” This, despite Dick Cheney’s assertion back in May of 2005 ago that the “insurgency [was] in it’s last throes.”

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