Joe’s Indiscretions

There’s a great piece at Salon today by Colin McEnroe about the whole Joe Lieberman vs. Ned Lamont affair. Actually, it’s more about Joe than Lamont, and provides a nice history of Joe’s Republican-leaning indiscretions. Meanwhile, the results of a new poll can be found over at the Hartford Courant (the paper that endorsed Lieberman over Lamont this past weekend). Editor’s Note: The poll and endorsement previously linked to from this site have been mysteriously removed from the Hartford Courant’s website, so the links have been removed as of 10-17-2006. It shows Lamont gaining even more traction over Lieberman, with 54 percent of voters supporting him vs. 41 percent for Joe. So much for Clinton magic. A massive 65 percent of voters said their vote “is mainly against Lieberman.” Does anyone else think that is a bellwether for the Republicans in the House and Senate this November?

It appears Joe’s creation of the “Lieberman for Connecticut” party was a good idea, as it looks like he might just lose this primary. Ned Lamont is going to have his work cut out for him should he win next Tuesday. With all of Connecticut voting instead of just Democrats, Lamont will have to bring independent voters into his camp… That is, unless Joe does the honorable thing and drops out after losing the primary.

Yeah, right…

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