This is our Representative to the World??

Check out this video from Crooks and Liars for yet another wonderful visit into the world of George W. Bush and what happens when he doesn’t know the microphones are on (transcript and WMP/QT videos are available). He speaks with his mouth full, interrupts Tony Blair constantly, reiterates his “yee-haw” style of foreign policy, shows a complete ignorance of basic geography, and swears. Nice, right? I’m so proud. Whatta guy.

Big problems over at Katherine Harris’ Headquarters for her Senatorial Bid. Apparently, she’s taken back $100K from her campaign to complete renovations on her house. According to the article, she’s lost most of her staff because she likes to berate them and throw tantrums, and she’s also not been able to raise half the amount of money of the incumbent Democrat, Bill Nelson.

If you want to get a sense of why Joe Lieberman needs to get a giant wake up call and either run as a Republican or start acting like a Democrat, check out Jane Hamsher’s on-the-ground report over at the Huffington Post about the Lieberman-Lamont race. Even though Lieberman created his own party so he can run against Lamont if he loses the primary (seemingly indicating good ol’ Joe feels he might be the “underdog” in this race), Lieberman still won’t debate Lamont. I thought you should only resist a debate if you’re pretty secure in the knowledge that you’ll win the race? As I’ve said before, I would be out on my rooftop trying to get television signals from across the Long Island Sound if this debate happened. I’d want to see it in real time!

Hillary Clinton has reportedly taken almost a cool million in campaign contributions from the healthcare industry. Still think she’s “of the people, for the people?”

And last, but not least, over at the Washington Post is some great news for liberal Democrats. The Democracy Alliance is reportedly making good on its pledge to fund liberal think-tanks in much the same fashion that conservatives have funded similar think-tanks for the past thirty years or so. We have a lot of catching up to do, but with the Neo-Con agenda being properly fingered by the general public for the weakened State of the Union right now, perhaps it won’t take quite as long to reclaim the vocabulary the right-wing has been using against liberals for the past twenty to thirty years as it might have otherwise. Of course, with all this money going to liberal causes, some of the so-called “centrist Democrats” (most of whom are beholden to the Democratic Leadership Council) are getting pretty pissed that they’re not getting any cash from the new pool. The article seems to judge the Democracy Alliance fairly harshly, implying that organizations like the DLC deserve funding like every other Democratic organization. But the key is, this is a liberal organization, not a Democratic organization. Funds were denied to the DLC on an ideological basis, and it would appear that many of the organizations with close ties to Washington have been skipped over. Why? Because this is about returning power to the people, where it belongs. It might seem odd that the way to return power to the people is with massive influxes of cash from donors who made their money in corporate America, but it is purely obvious to those who are behind the money and behind the project as a whole that the “establishment” is not looking out for the United States, its citizens, or its place in the global community. This is about change, and you don’t enact change by continuing to fund failed, established ideas. We’ve tried it the DLC way. It doesn’t work. Time for new blood, new energy, and that’s exactly what the Democracy Alliance is funding. Hillary and Joe must be so upset.

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