On the Brink…

So while World War III is fast approaching (well, Newt Gingrich on yesterday’s Meet The Press actually thinks it’s here already), I figured I’d just post this list of possible titles from a few books I’ve been thinking that people in the Bush administration should write. Enjoy.

  • They’ve Got Your Number — The White House and Domestic Spying
  • Feeding and Care of Government Plants — The Jeff Gannon Story
  • A Brick Through Your Window — The Patriot Act Revealed
  • From Florida to Ohio — Theft of a Nation (Twice!)
  • Killing Kyoto — How to Demolish a Glacier in Only Eight Years
  • Under My Thumb — The Disappearance of America’s Middle Class
  • Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore — The “New” New Orleans
  • Does Not Work Well With Others — Bush vs. North Korea and Iran
  • You Sunk my Pension! — The Enron Connection
  • One Cocktail Too Many — How Cheney Shot A Man In The Face
  • Do As I Say, Not As I Do — The Signing Statements of George Dubya
  • Oedipus Revisited — Why Bush Jr. Started A War
  • Knock, Knock… — Dick Cheney and the Secret Energy Meetings
  • It’s Really Good To Know The King — Halliburton and the No Bid Contract
  • Fleischer, McClellan and Snow — No Comment
  • I Wish They Would Just Stop It — Bush’s Foreign Policy
  • Pardon Me? — Scooter Libby’s Christmas Wish List

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