Limbaugh Can’t Stop Illegal Drug Use

Just after I pose a question on which aspect of our private lives the US Government will spy on next, my answer arrives, courtesy of none other than the hypocritical drug addict himself, Rush Limbaugh! Medical records! Medical records on its citizens could be the next thing the Government starts illegally snagging from insurance providers, doctor’s offices, or elsewhere!

So how did Rush give me this idea? Well, if you listen to Rush’s radio show, it certainly seems like he could care less about the rights of US citizens to have any sense of privacy. He has claimed that the government’s domestic spying program is just fine with him according to this transcript of his show by Media Matters, and this one as well.

And although I can’t be sure, my semi-educated guess would be that he doesn’t blame George W. Bush or his administration for sweeping up massive amounts of financial records on US Citizens, but rather that he blames the New York Times for reporting it. I only guess this because he has seldom failed to fall in line behind the neo-con agenda.

So quite odd it is, then, that Limbaugh uses his own privacy as a defense for getting snagged at Palm Beach International Airport on his way home from the Dominican Republic with an illegal prescription bottle of Viagra (illegal because the prescription isn’t his). Instead, it is Rush’s supposed doctor whose name appears on the bottle. Roy Black, Limbaugh’s attorney, said it was “labeled as being issued to the physician rather than Mr. Limbaugh for privacy purposes.” Hmmm… I guess Rush only cares about his own privacy. After all, he’s not a terrorist, right? So why should his privacy be invaded?

As for putting his doctor’s name on the bottle to preserve Rush’s privacy, all I can say is wow! I never knew you could do that! Next time I need some kind of potentially embarrassing medication that I’d prefer the chemist not know is for me, I can just have my doctor make the prescription out for himself and then get it filled for my use?

Um, no. As far as I know, filling a legal prescription doesn’t work like that. In fact, this latest drug snafu on the part of Limbaugh potentially threatens a deal he made with the Palm Beach County DA that he would stay clean of all drug-related offenses for the next 18 months.

According to that E! Online story, “Limbaugh, meanwhile, joked about the arrest on his radio show Tuesday. He told listeners he got the pills from the Clinton library, saying he was told they were blue M&Ms.”

Classy, Rush… Real classy…

Why is it so hard for you to steer clear of the evil drugs, Rush? And what the hell were you doing in the Dominican Republic with a bottle full of Viagra? I’ll leave the speculating to other blogs.

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