Blessed are the Peacemakers

Why is it that the United States’ response to any threat is to escalate it to a level from which it becomes extremely difficult to back down? Is it really wise for Dick Cheney to threaten Iran over its nuclear program? Why do these things have to be played out in the press instead of behind closed doors? This is the same tactic used against North Korea, and in the end, the deal reached between the United States and North Korea was remarkably similar to the agreement reached with North Korea and the Clinton Administration. This, despite all the hemming and hawing from Republicans at the time that Clinton and Albright had essentially been blackmailed by Kim Jong Il.

So now we’re in a war of words with Iran, and both Russia and China are expected to block any sanctions the world community would seek to impose on the country in the wake of its decision to continue its nuclear program. Iran today even went so far as to threaten pain and harm on the United States. I’m not saying that Iran should have nuclear weapons of course, but aren’t there better ways of deal with the situation than to throw rocks at each other?

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