Intermittent difficulties

I’m in the process of switching servers, so the site might be flakey for a couple days. I’ve been trying out a couple different hosts that will allow me more control over my own e-mail and sites. This location is just temporary until I get the final location setup. Someone pointed me to this very cool hosting service: and I’m going to try them out for a while. I like the owner’s attitude. Some guy was having a fit in the forum because something wasn’t set up to his liking, and when the owner found out that the person was abusive to members of his staff (through e-mail threats), he cut the guy off, saying basically that “we don’t need you as a customer.” Rockin.

So anyway, if this site is down for a few hours at a time, that doesn’t mean I’ve gone away (wishful thinking for some of you, I’m sure)… It just means that the site is in transition to its final resting place…

Also, some of the comments pages might not work at the moment, nor will some direct links. Once I’m back to name resolution instead of the IP address you see at the top of the page, that will be corrected. Sorry.

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