Media Matters vs. Chris Matthews

I just received an e-mail from Media Matters about some comments made by Chris Matthews. Here is the text of the message:

On the November 28 edition of MSNBC’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews said of President Bush: “I like him. Everybody sort of likes the president, except for the real whack-jobs, maybe on the left.” Since polls show that most Americans have an unfavorable view of the president, Matthews is labeling the majority of the populace “whack-jobs.” This is only one of several recent examples of Matthews’s habit of insulting those with whom he disagrees and of his fawning praise for Bush. Matthews’s comments demonstrate his disconnect from the American public.

In recent weeks, Matthews has also said that Bush sometimes “glimmers” with “sunny nobility”; he praised a recent Bush speech as a “brilliant political move” — before the speech was even delivered. Now he is calling the majority of Americans “whack-jobs” and deriding critics of the Iraq war as “carpers and complainers.” Tell MSNBC that Matthews’s comments — coming from the supposedly neutral host of a prime-time news show — are unacceptable.

Take Action! Click here to tell MSNBC that you are outraged by Chris Matthews’s recent statements attacking the majority of the American public.

Now, I intensely dislike Matthews’ continually wishy-washy, “he’s not a bad guy” blathering about Bush and his administration about as much as I intensely dislike Wolf Blitzer’s or Judy Woodruff’s similar comments all the time on CNN (which is why I don’t watch CNN anymore). But is this really worthy of a letter-writing campaign? Here’s my e-mailed response to Media Matters (an organization for which I do actually have an enormous amount of respect):

I’m all for calling Matthews out on the carpet, but come on. Don’t you have much more ammunition on people who are actually telling outright lies in the media over people who are just spouting their annoying opinions?

I understand going after Ann Coulter, who couldn’t tell the truth to save her life, but Matthews, while annoying, is just trying to get ratings and/or, well, just being annoying.

The more we go after these kinds of people, the more the right can accuse us of trying to kill the 1st Amendment.

Let them talk. Your job — and the reason why people contribute to Media Matters — is to combat the LIES.. the worst offenders… the people who believe they can lie and lie and lie some more because they believe there’s no one out there who will remember what they said beyond today’s television appearance.

Please stop wasting e-mails on these things. Not everyone we dislike is going to be forced off the airwaves. Our goal should be going after the freaks like Michael Savage and Ann Coulter. I understand calling Matthews to task for his ridiculous views, but I hardly think every opinion is worth a letter writing campaign.

I’ll report here if they bother to write back.

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