Why Hillary Can’t Learn

The LA Times has an article today about Hillary Clinton’s recent meeting with the Democratic Leadership Council, and how she will be heading up its newest plan, the “American Dream Initiative.” According to the story, Hillary spoke about how all Democrats should call a truce and stand together. Forgive me, Hillary, but why does it seem as if your “call a truce” plea means basically all of us choosing to follow the direction of the DLC, an organization that has done nothing for the party in the last several elections but lose us seats in Congress and lose us the Presidency?

For the Democratic party to win elections, it needs to appeal to the working class again — to the little guy. It is never going to do that when it’s perceived as an elitist party that is in bed with big business. People may as well vote for Republicans if that is the case, and they do. If it weren’t for the DLC’s “centrist” mandate to the party, people wouldn’t have been able to say, “well, what is really the difference between John Kerry and George Bush? They’re both the same…”

It’s obvious that much of the US populace does not see nuance. The only way to distinguish yourself therefore is to not try to plead that you are “Republican, but better,” but rather than you stand for traditional liberal values. This country is largely liberal/libertarian, and as time goes on it’s becoming clear that the two modes of thought can peacefully coexist. Libertarians are no more happy with recent governmental intrusions into their personal lives than liberals are. Perhaps the Democratic party needs to start reaching out to libertarians — who are often swing voters — instead of Republicans.

Hillary and the DLC are forgetting one important thing when they talk about how successful they were in the early ’90s. They’re forgetting that Bill Clinton was an anomaly — a once in a lifetime occurrence. His centrist leanings were successful because he was Bill Clinton, end of story. Provide us another Bill Clinton and perhaps your centrist plans will work again. Until that person comes along, the only way to win back the party and win back the government is to go left, and state your case for it. The people will listen, because left is right. The more you try to appeal to all people, the fewer of them will believe you’re sincere. And when they don’t trust you, you’ll never win.

Hillary, right now, I don’t trust you. Don’t call for us all to rally behind you no matter what, because we no longer believe your ideas will work. You and the DLC have had more than a decade now to show that you have the ideas that will bring this party back from the brink. It’s clear that you have failed, and calling us all over to the losing side will not mean success. You need to separate yourself from corporate America and need to separate yourself from the Republicans. Howard Dean is the future direction of the party, and the sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner we’ll vote for you for President. But keep going on about violent videogames, supporting the war, working with those who would destroy this country, and you’ll never be elected again — to anything.

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