Bloom Today

The past few days have been just gorgeous on Long Island, and today was the first day that I saw the trees start to bloom. Of course, for a while now I knew this was coming as my allergies have been completely out of control. Perhaps it’s the fresh spring air that is helping me feel a little more optimistic about the state of our union today. Primary in my thoughts of paranoia over the past few weeks has been the concept of peak oil, and whether or not we’ll be prepared as a country for the end of the fossil fuel age. By all accounts, it will be less than a decade before the oil companies reach peak oil production, and from there it’s all downhill. As a matter of national security, I severely hope we get our ducks in a row before that happens. But this leads to another question — as the world’s dirty fuels dry up, what happens to greenhouse gases? Will we use it all up before the earth has lost its ability to keep in balance? Is it possible that the growing industrialized nations of the world that will be depending on big oil more than the United States will go through the last supplies of oil, coal and natural gas before the tipping point has been reached?

Obviously, some think the tipping point has passed, and that’s entirely possible. Even if we stopped all oil/coal/forest burning right here and now, it would still take the earth time to recover, if it could at all (well, of course the earth will go on with or without us).

All this stuff has been running through my head since it was recently discovered that ExxonMobil had spent unprecedented dollars trying to promote the notion that global warming is a myth. Of course, they have also funded scientific research to the tune of some $10 million a year, but really… What is ten million bucks in the whole scheme of oil company profits?

Anyway, taking today for what it is, the air is relatively clean, it’s a breezy 64 degrees out, and the birds are singing. I’m hoping that when my 15-year-old is my age he’ll be able to look back on this time in history and that it will be viewed as simply a rather large hiccup when the United States had its priorities severely messed up, then corrected itself and joined the global community in fostering peace and health throughout the world.

It’s so much easier to dream of good things when it’s so nice outside.

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