Mitch’s #1 Goal: Make Obama a 1-Termer

Not 48 hours after the Republicans won the House, Mitch McConnell says his #1 goal is to get Obama out of office.

Not cooperate, not get things done… Remove the president.

This congress is going to have a lot of trouble governing.

Now that they control the purse strings in the House, we’ll see what real decisions they make about cutting the deficit and reducing the debt. They will soon have to vote to expand the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. What will they do?

They want to cut taxes for everyone, which will cost between $3-4 trillion. How will they pay for it? All they say is “we will cut discretionary spending.”

So what is classified as discretionary spending? Click here to see what falls under discretionary spending.

Since they won’t cut defense spending (which is HALF of discretionary spending), that leaves $553 billion a year, based on 2010 numbers. So what will they cut? The options are Health and Human Services ($84 billion), Transportation ($76 billion), Education ($46.8 billion), Housing and Urban Development ($43.6 billion) and Agriculture ($25 billion).

What programs will they cut? I mean, when they’re not trying to just get the President out of office.

It’s easy to talk about cutting spending. Let’s see how they actually implement this.

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