The Pope Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Die With Dignity

I was quite shocked yesterday to hear that the Pope, instead of opting for medical coverage at the hospital where he had been treated over the last several years, has decided to stay in his apartment at the Vatican and has refused any further medical care. To me, this just goes contrary to any theory of “the value of life” by the religious right, don’t you think?

Last night Sean Hannity and the other right-wing hatemongers were droning on and on about what a great man the Pope was, yet I heard no cry to stick tubes in him to keep him alive as long as possible. The report is that he’s suffering from a massive infection. I say DRAG the guy to the hospital, kicking and screaming if necessary, and plug into him every tube that they have. Give him every kind of medication that could possibly keep him alive for a few more months or even a few more years. Life is too valuable to let this guy decide for HIMSELF when he’s ready to meet his maker. Where is the outcry? Why is the Pope allowed to die on his own terms? Shouldn’t that be GOD’s decision? And what about all these folks who are holding a vigil outside his window? Shouldn’t they do something? I heard the place is so quiet you could hear a pin drop, despite the fact that there are thousands of people there.

It’s time for the right-wing to really show they value life and take a stand in this matter. We can’t stand by and allow other countries and especially the leader of such a huge religious movement as the Catholic Church to call his own shots on matters of life and death.